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On this page you will find a few songs in Mp3 format as a free streaming offer. Following each song name is K/L. "K" stands for "short" (title will be played for 10 seconds) and "L" for "long" (title is offered in full length in a standard resolution of 192kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo).

All songs are GEMA-licensed. In addition copies of the works were filed with a notary. All rights lie with GUANTARA MUSIC. Illegitimate use of the works (e.g. recording by other artists without consent of the composer JACK DEMARE) is hereby forbidden under threat of punishment. For specific inquiries please email: info@jackdemare.de.

The latest regulations of German copyright apply. All rights of the originators of the protected works contained in the webpage are reserved. Without explicit permission by the GEMA any use of the works, above and beyond listening to the published musical pieces, is not permitted.

TV and radio stations as well as Internet radios may also download the "L" songs for broadcasting and advertising purposes free of cost without the permission of GUANTARA MUSIC. The settlement with GEMA and the GVL must be carried out under the label code LC 10143.

Gratis-Instrumentals aus der Unterhaltungsmusik: Abend zu zweit K/L   Ägyptianos K/L   Boogie alla Demare K/L   Cha Cha la Guitar K/L   Cheers, Cowboy K/L   Church of the lost dreams K/L   Dance on, little Girl K/L   Der Hexer K/L   Devil `s Guitar Boogie K/L   Die alte Spieluhr K/L   Die kleine Bar K/L   Dream No. 1 K/L   Dream No. 2 K/L   Eine alte Eiche K/L   Eine Gondel voller Gitarren fährt zu dir K/L   Eine magische Melodie (Tárrega/Demare) K/L   Einsamer Cowboy K/L   Elisa Romantica K/L   Feuertango K/L   Flying Angel K/L   Foottapper Blues K/L   Genius-Melody opus 23 K/L   Heisses Blut K/L   Herbstsinfonie Nr. 1 K/L   Herbstsinfonie Nr. 2 K/L   High Speed Boogie K/L   Italienische Sehnsucht K/L   Jessicas Traum K/L   Kämpfersinfonie Nr. 1 K/L   Kämpfersinfonie Nr. 2 K/L   Lonely Fighter K/L   Lovely Dance K/L   Meeresserenade K/L   Melodia Magica K/L   Melodiengott K/L   Message from the east K/L   Midnight Flight K/L   Mystery Man in black K/L   Mysterious Light K/L   Pharaos Melody K/L   Pharaos Melody (Sandra Fieler) K/L   Rendezvous mit dir K/L   Requiem für eine verlorene Welt K/L   Requiem für einen Engel K/L   Romance (trad./Demare) K/L   Rosenwalzer K/L   Russische Nächte K/L   Schwalbenmelodie K/L   Sentimental Moments K/L   Song for Irish Whiskey K/L   Sorry, I´m so blue K/L   Sunshine & Love K/L   Tanz mit mir (Manuela Martius) K/L   Teufelsgitarren-Polka K/L   The country behind the black mountains K/L   The Maniac K/L   The Mystery of my life K/L   Traummelodie K/L   Waldesrausch K/L   Waldessinfonie Nr. 1 K/L   Waldessinfonie Nr. 2 K/L   Waldessinfonie Nr. 3 K/L   Waldessinfonie Nr. 4 K/L   Weihnachts-Medley Nr. 1 K/L   Weihnachts-Medley Nr. 2 K/L   Weihnachts-Medley Nr. 3 K/L   Weihnachts-Medley Nr. 4 K/L   Weinende Gitarren L
Gratis-Kompositionen und Einspielungen virtuoser Klassik-, Pop- und Rock- Werke (auch) aus der Kinder- und Jugendzeit von Jack Demare: Abendsonate Nr. 5 K/L   Apocalyptica K/L   Black Ferrari K/L   Caprice K/L   Concerto Nr. 1 K/L   Eligére opus 4 K/L   Étude No. 1 K/L   Étude No. 2 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 1 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 3 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 4 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 5 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 6 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 7 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 8 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 9 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 10 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 11 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 12 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 13 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 14 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 15 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 16 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 17 K/L   Fantasia Nr. 18 K/L   Forever alone K/L   Gitarrenmenuett Nr. 1/1. Satz K/L   Gitarrenmenuett Nr. 2/Intro K/L   Gitarrenmenuett Nr. 3/1. Satz K/L   Gitarrenmenuett Nr. 4/1. Satz K/L   Gitarrensonate Nr. 1 K/L   Gitarrensonate Nr. 2 K/L   Grásoinette K/L   Hexensonate Nr. 1 K/L   Hexensonate Nr. 2 K/L   Hexensonate Nr. 3 K/L   Impertuale Symphonie Nr. 10 K/L   Incognito Sanctus 1456 K/L   Infernale Suite opus 5/Auszug K/L   Kämpfersonate Nr. 1 K/L   Kämpfersonate Nr. 2 K/L   Kämpfersonate Nr. 3 K/L   Kirchenkantate Nr. 1/Auszug K/L   Kirchenkantate Nr. 2/Auszug K/L   Magical Intro opus 11 K/L   Méditation Nr. 1 K/L   Menuendo K/L   Paganinia Suite opus 4/Auszug K/L   Paganinia Suite opus 5/Auszug K/L   Paganinia Suite opus 6/Auszug K/L   Sacralé Sanctus K/L   Salem aleikum K/L   Teufelssolo in E-Minor (Paganini/Demare, Live-Bootleg-Mitschnitt eines Solokonzertes von 1996) K/L   Teufelssolo Nr. 2 (Beethoven/Demare, Live-Mitschnitt eines Solokonzertes von 1997) K/L   Teufelstanz K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 1 K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 2 K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 3 K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 4 K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 5 K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 6 K/L   Teufelstriller Nr. 7 K/L